Monday, November 22, 2010

, Database Trial: Oxford Bibliographies Online

Trial access to Oxford Bibliographies Online is available to MTSU students and faculty:

Students in particular need this type of resource guide more than ever. A small but growing number of fields are covered so far: Atlantic History, Biblical Studies, Buddhism, Classics, Islamic Studies, Philosophy, and Renaissance and Reformation. Each of these broad topics is broken down into subtopics (e.g., Africa and the Atlantic World). This collection of bibliographies has the potential to be an online version of high quality bibliographies like  American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature (R 016.9 Am3g, 1995). 

One nice feature of Oxford Bibliographies Online is that every annotated reference to a book includes a link to WorldCat, which in turn indicates which libraries (MTSU and others) own the book.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Century Farms: A Slice Of History, Threatened

Century Farms: A Slice Of History, Threatened 

This National Public Radio segment features several of Tennessee's "Century Farms." The Tennessee Century Farms site (MTSU Center for Historic Preservation) includes brief histories of century farms, including the Tennessee farms that are featured in the NPR segment:

Masengill Farm (Sullivan County)

Still Hollow Farm (Greene County)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Database Trials: British Women's Letters & Diaries, Jazz, The Romantic Era,...

See the Database Trials page for access to the following Alexander Street Press collections until August 31.

Jazz Music Library
Jazz Music Library is the largest and most comprehensive collection of streaming jazz available online — with thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres. The current release includes 5,040 albums/60,322 tracks and it continues to grow.

Romantic Era Redefined
This collection contains canonical and previously unrecognized writers from Britain, the British Empire, and North America. It currently contains over 90,000 pages.

Alexander Street Literature
A comprehensive, cross-searchable package of collections covering literatures of place, race, and gender. Today, Alexander Street Literature features 8 collections, currently containing over 503,561 pages in the following literature collections: Black Short Fiction and Folklore; Black Women Writers; Caribbean Literature; Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period; Latin American Women Writers; Latino Literature; Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period; South and Southeast Asian Literature.

British and Irish Women's Letters & Diaries
The immediate experiences of approximately 500 women are revealed in over 100,000 pages of diaries and letters. The collection now includes primary materials spanning more than 300 years. Each source has been carefully chosen using leading bibliographies. The collection also includes biographies and an extensive annotated bibliography of the sources in the database.

Now Online: Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries (Newberry Library) presents in maps and text complete data about the creation and all subsequent changes (dated to the day) in the size, shape, and location of every county in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. It also includes non-county areas, unsuccessful authorizations for new counties, changes in county names and organization, and the temporary attachments of non-county areas and unorganized counties to fully functioning counties.

Researchers can use the Atlas as a resource for seeking records, to interpret and display of county-based historical data (e.g., returns of elections and censuses), or for working on state and local history projects.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Walker Library Exhibit: Books and Children in the 19th Century

Books and Children in the 19th Century: A small portrait

This exhibit presents books which demonstrate different ways children (and the adults around them) engaged with books in the 19th century. Drop by Special Collections (4th floor, Walker Library) over the summer to view the exhibit.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TSLA's TEVA (Tennessee Virtual Archive) Update

TSLA's redesigned TeVA site now includes 27 digital collections. Six of these collections document various aspects of the Civil War: soldiers, civilian life, maps from the Western Theater, Civil War visual culture, Reconstruction and the African American legacy in Tennessee, and the "Lost Cause" in Southern Memory.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

C-SPAN Archives

C-SPAN Video Library
The C-SPAN Video Library includes over 160,000 hours of coverage of every C-SPAN program since 1987. In addition to C-SPAN video recordings of the House and Senate floor proceedings, the collection offers video from numerous C-SPAN programs, including America and the Courts, Book TV, Newsmakers, and Washington Journal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New: Online Access to Public Historian (journal) / Other JSTOR Titles

Walker Library has purchased access to additional JSTOR titles, including:

Architectural History, Environmental History, Garden History, History in Africa, Journal of Design History, Oral History Review, Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Public Historian, and Technology and Culture.

March Featured Database: Heritage Quest

Heritage Quest includes digital images of U.S. federal census records (1790-1930), text from 25,000 family/local history books, PERSI (index to local history/genealogy periodicals), Freedmen’s Bank Records (1865-1874), and other primary sources.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Choice Reviews Online (April)

Check out the April issue of Choice Reviews Online for concise reviews of new books and electronic sources.

Friday, February 26, 2010

New: Chicago Manual of Style Online

The Chicago Manual of Style Online is now active. It's available on the History subject guide, the Citation and Style page, and Databases A-Z.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Islamic Heritage Project

Islamic Heritage Project includes digital copies of over 260 manuscripts, 270 printed texts, and 50 maps, totaling over 145,000 pages—with more items to be added in coming months. Users can search or browse online materials that date from the 13th to the 20th centuries CE and represent many regions, languages, and subjects (religious texts and commentaries; Sufism; history, geography, law, and the sciences; poetry and literature; rhetoric, logic, and philosophy; calligraphy, dictionaries and grammar, as well as biographies and autobiographical works). This collection is also featured on the Digital Collections section of the Library's Middle Eastern Studies Research Guide.

Image caption and link: Mehmet Zihni, 1845-1913. Meşahir ün-nisa. [Istanbul]: Dar ut-Tıbaat il-Amire, 1294-95 [1877-79]. 2 v. in 1. Widener OL 34428.35..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teaching with Primary Sources Across Tennessee

Teaching with Primary Sources Across Tennessee offers numerous resources for integrating primary sources into the curriculum: lesson ideas, primary source sets, tools for analyzing primary soruces, and teacher workshops.

Check out the February issue of the Teaching with Primary Sources Newsletter. This issue includes ideas for using the Olympics to teach history, contemporary issues, science, and geography, plus lots of images from Olympics past.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Choice Reviews Online (February)

Check out the February issue of Choice Reviews Online for concise reviews of new books and electronic sources, a list of recent and forthcoming titles in African American Studies, and links to the full text of selected titles that have been reviewed in Choice.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Database: Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice

Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice brings together documents and collections from libraries and archives across the Atlantic world. It includes high quality images of many thousands of original manuscripts, pamphlets, books, paintings, maps and images not available elsewhere. Links to this collection are also available on the following subject guides to databases: African American Studies and History.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

History Journals, Here and Elsewhere

If you know a specific journal, check "Journal Locator" to determine if Walker Library offers online access and/or if the Library has the printed copy. Journal Locator, also available as a tab on the Library's homepage, also lets you browse journals by category. For instance, there are numerous subcategories under History & Archaeology.

The Directory of History Journals (American Historical Association) is another good source for finding information about journals in numerous history specialties.

New Database Trials

We now have trial access to nine digital collections of primary sources from Adam Matthew Digital.

See the Database Trials page for more information and links to the collections.

Monday, January 4, 2010

American History in Video: New Content

American History in Video
New content has been added to American History in Video -- 1,008 new titles/253 new hours. The collection is now over halfway complete, with 1019 hours live.

Highlights Include:

* Newsreel Films and Black Panther Party Library
11 titles from the 1960's era, including Columbia Revolt (about the Columbia sit-in) and 10 films from the Black Panther Party Library, including Marty Kenner, Movement Lawyers, Wheelock Conference, and Repression

* Documentary Educational Resources
Six new films, including Indian Self Rule, The Earth Is Our Home, and Kamikaze: Testimonials from WWII Suicide Pilots

* Presidential inauguration footage from the National Archives in Maryland

* Space footage and films from NASA

* Hundreds more releases from Universal Newsreel
In addition to the films themselves there are also many new Release Notes available (seen either in the Newsreel Browse area or in the Summary tab on the video screen)

* The Big Picture Series
From the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, showcasing military life and events of the Korean War era

* Vision USA Series
From the US Information Agency/Department of State, a 1970's era series presenting American life and history to overseas audiences as a form of diplomacy

*Great archival footage showing campaign ads from 1960, the 1939-1940 World’s Fair, old Native American footage, US film defending the Japanese-American internment, and more